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My name is Elisa. I’ve been sewing for over 15 years. I make costumes, and sew sets, and will liase with model makers, metal workers, suit makers, sign writers etc, if it means getting you the fabric construction job you need. Working in well established and respected production companies such as Opera Australia, Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, and numerous film, TV and theatre productions has helped to more finely hone my costuming skills.

Nothing quite beats the thrill of watching something come together in front you with your own two hands! And nothing is quite as satisfying as watching somebody enjoy their life, party or performance, wearing something that was made with special effort, consideration and care.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past, personally dressing up to take on different aspects of different characters and find that with more experience and practice, the less self conscious one tends to feel. I’ve even caught the bus in various get ups just to test myself!
Playing dress ups can help a person to lead a more….varied life. Variety is the spice of life they say!

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My name is Elisa Marigold AKA: “Agent Ube”. I’m a freelance costume maker, working in theatre, movies, commercials, photo shoots, music video clips and private commissions

How do I hire from Agent Costume?

It's best to make an appointment to have a look at the costume selection. You will need a guided tour, as the collection is packed away and needs an experienced person to pull out relevant pieces at the relevant time of your dress up session.

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Agent Costume can custom make or hire you a costume for your next event, promotion, performance, dance, film shoot or birthday party. Call Elisa on 0405 808 884

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Do you need a costume made up to suit a particular need? Do you need an outfit for performance, or for a very special occasion, that you would like to own, and wear repeatedly?
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I loved my costume SO MUCH – you seriously went above & beyond the call of duty, I absolutely adored everything about it. Thank you SO MUCH again..


Thank you! It looked great and she loved it! Thanks again

infinity photography

Wow! Thank you for the most wonderful Wedding dress! (my husband) thought I looked like an Angel! Everyone loved it and I felt so so special! …..Thank you for making our day that extra bit special


The super hero nudes were so awesome I can’t begin to describe it, we’re odds on favourites for best dressed and (the big prize) Thanks again!



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  • cheekii dis puletasi is sooooo beautiful !!! I love it soo
  • cheekii dis puletasi is sooooo beautiful !!! I love it soo
  • Dance Costumes For Competition How SEXY it is! Beautiful! I like this Dance Costu


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