Half Man Half Woman Costume

Are you interested in finding out more about a Half woman/half man costume? Then read on:

“Dear Agent Costume, I’m going to a Fancy dress party, the party theme is ‘Lost at the Altar’ and I want to go in a half-bride half-groom costume. Do you have one to hire? Is this something you can do?”

Holy Flying Mackeral!

“is this something Agent Costume has for hire?” – not currently..
“Is this this something Agent Costume can do?”
Well, first up, I know the answer is YES.
The next question is…how…

Good news! This costume IS now currently available for hire.

I decided the best option would be to purchase a dress and a suit separately from a second hand store.
The next few steps I wasn’t sure about. It may take X hours, or Y hours.
After couple of emails he decided that the quote was out of his budget. He was still going to go ahead with it anyway, he’d make it himself, and had decided to purchase said items.
I offered to look over them and give him some tips if he wanted to drop by, at least offer him some direction. He seemed a resourceful chap, and I knew it was potentially going to be a frustrating and fiddly undertaking for a novice, especially on a domestic machine, if that was what he was going to use.

So one late afternoon, he dropped by with the outfits. He tried them both on, i marked where they should be joined. Then I thought, well, may as well get him started, I can donate 20 minutes to the cause.
So I did the easy bits, cut the suit in half, seamed the edges so there would be no fraying. He tried it on again. I marked the next bits. We mulled over ideas, chatted about which direction to take it, how to get in and out of it, and before we knew it, the bulk of the outfit was complete. Somewhere between cut number one and fitting number 2 he decided, that’s it, lets do this, and so we did.
Gung Ho, jump! Cut! Stitch!
He had forgotten the shirt, so we could only take the suit so far.
Guess how long it took for the first session?

2.5 hours. I kid you not.

It was easy because the customer was there to keep trying the outfit on to make sure we were cutting and joining in the right places. He must have tried it on about 6 or 7 times in that time.

The following week he returned with the shirt, and we completed the final touches, half bow tie, half choker, half hair, half veil piece.
Another 3 hours

In Just under 6 hours, we managed to complete this garment which initially seemed like a major undertaking.

It was amazing.

What a relief!
Another job well done.
Another happy customer excited about their next party.

He had already bought the razors to shave half his beard, and organised a make up artist to make up half of his face!
Some people go to extraordinary lengths.

With creative people like that, he could have gone ahead and worked it out on his own for sure! But I guarantee you, it would have taken a waAAaaay lot longer than 6 hours to complete, and it wouldn’t have been as neat, or user friendly.

Save time, hire a professional

Half Man Half Woman, I salute you.
It’s people like you that make this work so much fun.

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